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Test bench for magnetic powder inspection of wheelpair axle nave part SMDpchokp-05


  • The test bench is intended for locomotive and carriage wheelpairs repair at depot and overhaul plants;
  • The test bench is used for the magnetic powder inspection of wheelpair axle nave parts after the centre compaction.

Level of mechanization:

  • Mechanized: magnetic powder suspension rotation (any type of suspension) according to the scheme mixing pump – spray gun with an adjustable spray jet – target item surface – suspension collection tray – mixing pump tank; due to desintegration of lumps of suspension parts stuck together because of magnetization in the mixing pump suspension longevity is increased by tens of times compared to its gauging in “the kettle”;
  • Mechanized: wheelpair rotation;
  • Mechanized: adjustable speed movement of the carriage with the saddle-shaped solenoid in the item with the works number 2.

Test bench structure:

  • Two columns with two pairs of rollers (polyurethane-lined) for wheelpair placement: wheelpair is placed on the driving rollers on the axle journal side by a crane, without one centre or two centres; each pair of rollers has an electric drive; NDT inspector is working on the floor;
  • Swinging crossbeam with devices: carriage is moved along the crossbeam; the middle carriage has a C-shaped solenoid and can be moved manually or by electric drive with adjustable speed; if the solenoid runs into an obstacle electric drive shuts down; solenoid weight is balanced by the cord mechanism with a weight;
  • Magnetic powder suspension spraying system for control area (nave part), suspension level (NORM/OVERFLOW) is indicated by indicator lamps;
  • Electric equipment cabinet with control buttons on swinging crossbeam column;
  • A swinging column with a tray for SOPs for defectoscopes operability control before the beginning of the shift;
  • Lighting systems: a lamps on the swinging crossbeam column, two LED lamps on the saddle-shaped solenoid and a portable lamp;
  • A shelf on a swinging column for defectoscope.

Test bench control:

  • Wheelpairs turning is performed with the help of pendants and a button on the carriage;
  • Wheelpair loading/unloading of is performed by a crane after the crossbeam is turned by 90˚, defectoscope performance check on the SOP is performed in the exact same position;
  • Make-and-break of the middle carriage powered movement is performed on the carriage;
  • Electric equipment cabinet: general control buttons, suspension spray systems control and lighting systems control.

Foundation is not required.

The test bench has passed acceptance testing at JSCo "RZD"; it has been operating in Malaja Vishera depot of Oktjabrskaja railway since 2005; the test bench is updated for the purpose of making it as good as our other test benches are, and its improved modification will be supplied starting with the works number.

Note: defectoscope is not included in the test bench delivery.