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The Company

OOO METKATOM is the only enterprise in the Russian Federation that produces devices and systems based on acoustic emission technology of diagnostics of tooth gears and bearings.

The use of the latest control technology developed by our company gives our devices the following advantages compared to the existing types of diagnostics:

  • High diagnostics reliability: up to 98% (as opposed to existing 60-70%);
  • High speed information processing that meets modern requirements;
  • Detection of lubrication rate violation at an early stage, when it is still possible to preserve its performance characteristics.

Earnest of success of our acoustic emissions diagnostics is units control based on the parameters that are most sensitive to changes in their technical condition, detection of defects at an early stage.

OOO METKATOM program package of systems and devices is used together with an operating system of Windows type and is intended to supply the user with all the necessary technical state reports, including the resource trend.

Our devices will ensure safe operation of equipment tooth gears and bearing units virtually in all fields: energetics, transport, mining, aviation, etc.

Monitoring of these units using the electronic data processing and modern communication systems allows to:

  • considerably increase equipment operation life;
  • reduce repair expenses.

METKATOM enterprise stages of development:

  • 1999: IRP-12 device (bearing units resource indicator) is developed, certified and manufactured;
  • 2000-2004: research and development, implementation of ARP-11 device (bearing resource analyzer, portable device, bearings and tooth gears technical condition data collector);
  • 2005: development and implementation of a seven-channel system ARP-11/ 7 with a PC and software;
  • 2006-2007: development and implementation of a four-channel system ARP-11/4 with a wireless modem;
  • 2007- 2008: development and testing of on-board diagnostics system (electric train testing).

Our operational experience gives enough proof for implementation of acoustic emission technology of equipment diagnostics.